From the recording Long Story Short

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This old guitar’s got some songs left in it
Songs left in it
Deep within

And my old car can go a mile a minute
A mile a minute like the wind

This old heart has some love left in it
Love left in it
I’ll give to you

Your heart, someday, I will win it
I will win it
It’s true

There’s something to be said
For living in the past
So this is what I think I’ll do

I’ll send you a letter with a pressed rose in it
A pressed rose in it
For you

This old house has some ghosts left in it
Ghosts left in it
I hear them some nights

Crying “Once you’ve loved you can’t forget it
Can’t forget what right”

This old song’s got some truth left in it
Truth left in it
That can’t be denied
So take my hand and together we’ll begin it
Begin this ride

So baby pack your bags
And maybe grab your hat
Tell me Darlin’ that you’re in

This old guitar’s got some songs left in it
Just like the wind