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Jim Bruno is a seasoned singer/songwriter out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He's had material recorded by such artists as Shawn Colvin (No Friend To Me, I'm Talking To You) Mary Lou Lord,(On The Avenue, I'm Talking To You), Cliff Eberhardt, (On The Av
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(all songs written by Jim Bruno)

Lock the door turn the lights off don't you fret
Everybody's got something to regret
There's nothing new beneath the sun
There's not a sin that hasn't been done
And everyday I'm on the run trying to pull us through

And I do it for you

Light the fire, keep us from the cold
That which doesn't break us makes us bold
Who'd want to live a thousand years
Who'd want to cry a million tears
But I would face all your fears if you asked me to
I'd do it for you

That old Blue Moon shines through the nighttime
Lands like truth upon our floor
And anytime would be the right time
What's it going to take to make you sure

Shut the drapes and climb into our bed
No one keeps track of what we've said
We'll never see it on the silver screen
We'll never read it in a magazine
And I would make all your dreams in the end come true
I'd do it for you

The gypsy in the Mission
On the Feast of All the Saints
Used her intuition
To reach a state of grace

She told us of the summer
And the coming of the storm
She really had our number
She'd seen it all before

Oh Marie
She could only see what she could see
It's not up to me to set you free
You don't even know me anymore

The fog's outside by my window
Quiet as a thief
There is no way in though
Much to my relief

No note was on the table
No slamming of the door
I did was I was able
I can do no more


For a 1000 nights
In a 1000 ways
Little by little
It slipped away
So don't go thinking
The sun will always shine

I can't walk upon the water
But I can climb a wall
I may be out of order
You can make that call

Got my finger on the trigger
My hand upon my heart
It's up to me to figure
What I'll blow apart

Chorus x2

Some have said that love's a diamond
Shining like the sun but hard
Because I know they're wrong I don't mind them
I know your love comes easy to my heart

People can be cruel I've seen it
Cutting like a knife with their lies
I swear beneath this sky that I mean it
When I say I'll never make you cry

So darling won't you listen to my song now
And help me write these words
To somehow change your mind and go on now
Together we'll make it through this world full of hurt

Living life in doubt's not living
Living life in fear, for what
This can be a new beginning
If your heart is open not shut

Standing in the rain mixed with teardrops
You and I on 9th Avenue
I'll be by your side when the fear stops
Further down the line with you


Time slips while we lose our grip on things that really matter
There's nothing left for us to expect except forever after

So if you can erase the doubting
And if my voice can break on through
And change the way you think about me
Maybe then you'll love me too

There's a small room deep inside my heart
You can go to when days are turning dark
When the thunder rumbles, lightning cracks
Sky's exploding and turning black
With rain
With the California rain

There's a lighthouse standing in my soul
That will guide you when you lose control
When the heavens fall like heavens do
That light will shine and pull you through
The rain
Through the California rain

When those Pacific storms
Come blowing from the sea
Won't leave you worried and worn
You can always count on me

There's a heartache that lingers in your eyes
And I've seen it flash from time to time
When the water streams down your windowpane
Sounds like it may never drain
This California rain

What can I say
Take me for a ride inside your peach Chevrolet
Lets you and I sashay
Javy said your kisses taste like French Crème Brulee

I've got to say you make me shiver
My bones they quake, my legs they quiver
No one's really knows what you do
Some have said it feels like Voodoo

Say Mamma Day
The voice inside my head just won't shut up
Say Mamma Day
It keeps on warning me this could get rough

Suddenly it's hot
I start to feel I'm turning into someone I'm not
I need what you've got
Even if it means that every nerve of mine is shot

You make me shake, you make me shudder
Eyes like sky, lips like butter
Lightning seems to flow right through you
I'm convinced this must be voodoo


From Chicago to Jerusalem
There are a couple of roads to take
When you've got to choose between the two of them
Make sure there's no mistake

One is filled with temptation
The other with regret
I don't know which way to go

But I'm leaning
Toward the road on the left

From the days when I was a young man
To where I woke today
There are things I've regretfully done and
There are things I cannot say

In these waning hours of madness
When everyone suspects
I've enjoyed the ride though I can't decide


Who's the patron saint of lost causes?
If you see him let him know that a candle's lit
So don't forget
About me

The evening falls like a curtain
The crowd begins to leave
Nothing I've learned is certain
At least that's what I believe

As I stand beneath this spangled sky
With an urge to genuflect
Afraid to lose I cannot chose


Just don't say it's over
Just don't say goodbye
Don't say that you're leaving me
It's ok to lie

Just don't say you've moved on
You don't live in the past
Just don't say it's over
That's all that I ask

You can say that maybe now and then
It feels like this may end
But for now we're going to leave it all alone
You can say there's reason for concern
Bridges have been burned
But that doesn't mean you're never coming home

Don't say you're walking
That we just didn't last
Just don't say it's over
That's all that I ask



Second Verse

I said, " I'm tired of this hanging round
This place is too much like a border town
Let's skip out
Won't tell the bank we're gone"

She said "I know why you say these things
And on some level it kind of stings
But I understand
I think I'll go along"

So we packed our hats and we packed our shoes
We wrapped them up in the morning news
And started singing those highway blues out loud

She'd weave through traffic like a ballerina
Almost killed us in Pasadena
But we made it through
God, I loved her so


I took the wheel and I drove all night
East of Bakersfield the sky grew light
So we stopped at Lou's
Got a lemonade

The desert baked and the road went on
Straight as an arrow in the noon day sun
Past the sleeping snakes
In the saguaro shade


So if you see her let her know that I'm
Doing fine on the borderline
But it's not the same
Since I let her go
No, it's not the same
God, I loved her so

If your love should fade
If you start to have your doubts
Like a star that's burning out
No longer shining

If your heart grows cold
Like the far side of the moon
Don't let me know too soon
Let me stay blinded

For one more day
That's all I'll need
For one more day
Let me believe that it's forever

If your passion cools
You found somebody else
If you keep it to yourself
I won't mind it


If the end's in sight
Just as sure the sun will shine
I hope you'll take your time
Before I know it

If the magic's gone
For no reason just because
As if it never was
Try not to show it


If your love should fade

I ask for nothing
I ask for nothing
And it seems like nothing's all I ever get
Just give me something
Give me something
Something that will help me to forget

Forget that summer by the river and the scent of Sugar Pine
Every morning would be glistening with dew
Now I'm just a fool who's running out of time
Because of you

I need a sedative
I need a sedative
A little help to get me through the day
My life's repetitive
Tomorrow's going to be like yesterday

I've got to break this cycle or I'm going to lose my mind
And try the face the fact of what is true
Now I'm just a fool who's running out of time
Because of you (3x)

I can still remember driving from your home
With Muddy on the radio, singing ...Baby Please Don't Go'
Wondering what to do, wishing I was stoned
But I was falling falling

I'm left defenseless
I'm left defenseless
Maybe what I need's a change of scene
I'll go to Memphis
Go to Memphis
There's a flight that leaves today at 5:18

I'll be at 30,000 feet high up above the Sugar Pine
I'm sure that I'll appreciate the view
Now I'm just a fool who's running out of time
Because of you (repeat till the end)

I'm on a road that winds like a snake in the grass
Every curve is blind and I'm diving too fast
They say you can run but you cannot hide
When the hurting comes from deep inside

I been trying everyday just to turn this around
I ain't been paid since the mill shut down
In Bangladesh or Mandalay
They'll do my job for a dollar a day
Do my job for a dollar a day

I'm not giving up
On my sisters and brothers
We don't have enough but we've got each other
We've got each other

My neighbor, Seth, cashed it in
With a mountain of meth and a river of gin
Now remind me, Jesus, who did you save?
Darlene, his widow, couldn't pay for the grave
His widow couldn't pay for the grave


I hope someday it will all be fine
The clouds will part and the sun will shine
Shine its light warm our souls
Lift us all up like we've been told
Lift us up like we've been told


(written by Jim Bruno)

Keep your hat on your head
Keep your eyes on the road
Always follow your heart
Or your heart will explode

Well it's never easy
And never that clear
When you howl at the moon
And the moon doesn't hear

We weren't meant to discover and never will know
Why the ones that we love disappear like the snow
But I know in the end
It's only a matter of time

Always cover your tracks
And lean into the wind
There's no turning back
And there's no giving in

Oh the anger comes easy
It cuts like a whip
But don't let it in
Or it might get a grip

It can shake you and break you and take you a way
From the ones that you need for the rest of your days
And I know in the end
It's only a matter of time

Till we sing this song together
Till the storm we share is weathered

If your vision is keen
And your senses are sharp
You can keep it together
And not fall apart

Don't stop for a second
Don't think of the cost
See what you've got
Don't see what you've lost

One day they were here
And the next they were gone
But they're still in our hearts
And they're still in this song

And I know in the end
It's only a matter of time

(written by Jim Bruno)

I should never got this blue tattoo
It's like a scar that was left by you
Maybe half of what you said was true
But in the end it didn't matter

You should have never called me from Molene
Late at night on that Halloween
A fading voice from a faded dream
And one that's torn and tattered

You were shaken
I was shattered
We were blind

I should have never met your family drunk
I came across like stone cold punk
They treated me like a piece of junk
I apologized for the bender

You should have told me what was going on
It hit my heart like a cherry bomb
Our own emotional Viet Nam
And in the end we both surrendered

You were young
I was tender
We were blind

I heard you moved back to San Antone
With a drummer who goes by Ramone
Does he thrill you like I thrilled you back then

I should have never tried to call your bluff
I should have seen that you'd had enough
And even then when the times got tough
I thought you'd come back crawling

You should have never screamed at me like that
As serious as a heart attack
I tried to tell you, I don't need the flak
But you knew that I was stalling

You were slipping
I was falling
We were blind

(written by Jim Bruno)

Ray took a slug in the leg
But they say he's going to be o.k. and I hear
He just tried
To do what's right

This world's such a funny place
You never know what the day might bring, your turn
May come
To put up a fight

Is it me or does it seem
Nothing stays the same
There's no knowing why we're going
Right down the drain

Yesterday lying in bed
I tried to shake the cobwebs out of my head
As I read
The morning news

The bomb blew the roof off the bus
Government says it comes down to them or us
Who can you trust?
We're so confused

Explosions rip through the Gaza Strip
There're riots in Bombay
Desperate times breed desperate minds
So someone's got to pay

It seems like it all hit the fan
I may live to 100 and never understand
How some can
Sleep at night

Ray took a slug in the leg
But they say he's going to be o.k. and I hear
He just tried
To do what's right

(written by Jim Bruno and Jeff Hanson)

We had a simple breakfast
Coffee and some toast
Jumped into the car
Headed down the coast

We listened to the Nevilles
And slipped into a trance
Something wasn't right
In your sidelong glance

Blue Love

I remember when I met you
Outside the music store
Hanging with your sister
Claiming you were bored

I said that's all behind you
But only if you dare
I knew you didn't buy it
You knew I didn't care

Blue Love

Just south of Pescadero
We stopped to have a drink
Waitress took our order
Sun began to sink

I knew that we were fading
I saw it in your eyes
Singer on the jukebox sang
Love never dies

Blue Love

No awkward moments
No clichéd scenes were made
No words were spoken
We just left and drove away

Some say love's forever
And burns just like a flame
For others it's a drug
Or play it like a game

The one thing that I know
I didn't know before
I wish that we were back
Outside the music store

Blue Love

(written by Jim Bruno)

Every night I sit here in my lonely room
Staring at a picture tube of doom and gloom
All my friends without a doubt
Say I got to get up and out

But I'
It's like his mind is closed
But why'
It's like his heart is closed
I'll try'
It's like his eyes are closed
And he can't see

Every day I go to work and earn my pay
Like the song, I come back home with nothing to say
It turns my blood as cold as ice
When I hear their sad advice

Deep inside my heart I know they're right
But every day I put it off for one more night

I can shut the door and keep the world outside at bay
I hit the couch and watch the years just slip away
But friends of mine keep saying that
I shouldn't fall into the trap


(written by Jim Bruno)

Got nothing left to say
I've said it all and the words won't come
No card left I can play
Guess I'm just stunned

Spirits slip by my door
I can almost see them when the moon is full
They whisper, "Are you sure?"
Isn't that cruel

I never was the one
I never was the one
I never was the one
You thought I was

Just like a wreck in the road
People stare as they pass us by
Some say that love can erode
That's no lie

Now I can't break through this wall
Now I can't speak in your secret language
We're down to nothing at all
Broken and damaged

(written by Jim Bruno)

Morning come streaming
Through Venetian blinds
Comes to rest on the bedspread
In zebra lines

She's lying beside me
I can hear the church bells starting to chime

Dresser clock is ticking
Ticking out the steady rhythm of time

I can't believe what year this is
Moving way too fast
Almost miss my exit
Stop and get some gas

I go to pay at the counter
There're a couple of strangers waiting in line
Car stereo's blaring
Pumping out the steady rhythm of time

There's a beat on this street that is measured
In lives like a melody never heard

Not sure where I'm headed
Barely know where I've been
I wonder what this is all about
Is that a sin?

I'm not afraid of the questions
I'm afraid of the answers I might find
Everyday keeps slipping
Slipping at the steady rhythm of time

Shadows grow longer
I grow weary
Put my head on my pillow
She lies there near me

Moonlight is flowing
Like a river through Venetian blinds
I can feel her heart beating
Beating out the steady rhythm of time

(written by Jim Bruno)

Parochial stance with a smokestack look
Subtle glance and he was hooked
A vague refrain from a song he'd heard
Was on his mind as his vision blurred

Oh he wish he had
As he fell apart
Her Sacred Heart
Her Sacred Heart

Jukebox flickers and then goes out
A junkie snickers and passes out
Sits alone ...neath the ceiling fan
Without a chance that he'll understand

But he thought he heard
Beating in the dark
Her Sacred Heart
Her Sacred Heart

Her Sacred Heart will never be won
Never be given to a single one
Will always be a mystery
And maybe someday he will see

That the answer's not in the pale moonlight
Not about wrong or right
He looks at the sky, he looks at the ground
Guess it's time to leave this town

But what holds him back
And what has from the start
Her Sacred Heart
Her Sacred Heart

(written by Jim Bruno)

There're stars in the sky, ships on the bay
There're bats in the trees and they all fly away
Past a luminous moon that wears a beret
And we'll always remember tonight

Darling I love you I have to confess
So put on your heels and that burgundy dress
And we'll laugh till we cry and your makeup gets messed
And we'll always remember tonight

No hesitating
It's getting quite late
And there's only so much we can do
Throughout our history
Some nights are mysteries
I don't know why but it's true

We'll call up our friends to come sing a song
And we'll sing about love that went right or went wrong
Tell stories ...bout places and people long gone
And we'll always remember tonight

(written by Jim Bruno)

Can't get to sleep it's four am
The minutes creep I'm round the bend
I guess I'll turn the TV on
I watch a dead man sing another song

And as he sings upon my screen
I start to know just what he means
When he sings of hope and doubt
What we can or cannot live without

But it's ok
It's fine
It's life and life is often less than kind
I know the rays of sun won't always shine
In my heart

I finally drifted off to sleep
And when I slept I slept so deep
I dreamt I saw you at the fair
The scent of lilacs in your hair

And for a moment it felt real
And in that moment I could feel
There's been a terrible mistake
A sense of dread that I found hard to shake


(written by Jim Bruno)

Neon reflection in pools
Rain continues to pour
To this procession of fools
I'm adding one more

Go home and shake the rain off
Watch a little TV
Can't as easily shake the pain of
What's happened to me?

Maybe someday I'll laugh about this
And in the end you'll barely be missed
Calling you up will be hard to resist
Just to rub it in
I'd love to rub it in
Your face

Some things can last forever
Some things cannot
Some people accept whatever
Happy with what they've got

I'm not one to simply sit there
Let the world pass me by
I'm determined some way I'll get there
I can feel it inside

Maybe someday I'll be walking on air
I'll look in my heart and I won't see you there
Calling you up will only be fair
Just to rub it in
I'd love to rub it in your face

(written by Jim Bruno)

Why can't summer last forever
Why do strong hearts have to break?
Why's it always now or never
It was never that way at Echo Lake

Every day now comes unraveled
How much more can a person take?
If I could turn off this road I travel
I would travel back home to Echo Lake

There would be music
We'd be up all night
Singing songs
Staring at stars
We'd sing melodies
Made out of moonlight
To the sound of old guitars

Oh it feels now less than real
But I don't mean that it's fake
In those moments that I steal
I still steal my way back to Echo Lake
  The Patron Saint of Lost Causes

alright alright