Jim Bruno
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Jim Bruno is a seasoned singer/songwriter out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He's had material recorded by such artists as Shawn Colvin (No Friend To Me, I'm Talking To You) Mary Lou Lord,(On The Avenue, I'm Talking To You), Cliff Eberhardt, (On The Av
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I'd Do It For You

Lock the door turn the lights off don't you fret
Everybody's got something to regret
There's nothing new beneath the sun
There's not a sin that hasn't been done
And everyday I'm on the run trying to pull us through
And I do it for you

Light the fire, keep us from the cold
That which doesn't break us makes us bold
Who'd want to live a thousand years
Who'd want to cry a million tears
But I would face all your fears if you asked me to
I'd do it for you

That old Blue Moon shines through the nighttime
Lands like truth upon our floor
And anytime would be the right time
What's it going to take to make you sure

Shut the drapes and climb into our bed
No one keeps track of what we've said
We'll never see it on the silver screen
We'll never read it in a magazine
And I would make all your dreams in the end come true
I'd do it for you
Story Behind the Song:
This is a song that emphasizes the simpler things in life.
Lyric Credits: Jim Bruno
Music Credits: Jim Bruno
Producer Credits: Jim Bruno
Publisher Credits: Jimmy Bruno Music
Performance Credits: Jim Bruno
Label Credits: Split Level Records
Song Length: 3:14
Primary Genre: Country-Americana
Secondary Genre: Folk-Americana
Similar Artist 1: Bob Dylan
Similar Artist 2: Tom Petty
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