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Jim Bruno is a seasoned singer/songwriter out of the San Francisco Bay Area. He's had material recorded by such artists as Shawn Colvin (No Friend To Me, I'm Talking To You) Mary Lou Lord,(On The Avenue, I'm Talking To You), Cliff Eberhardt, (On The Av
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Steady Rhythm of Time

Morning come streaming
Through Venetian blinds
Comes to rest on the bedspread
In zebra lines

She?s lying beside me
I can hear the church bells starting to chime

Dresser clock is ticking
Ticking out the steady rhythm of time

I think about what year this is
Moving way too fast
Almost miss my exit
Stop and get some gas

I go to pay at the counter
There?re a couple of strangers waiting in line
Car stereo?s blaring
Pumping out the steady rhythm of time

There?s a beat on this street that is measured
In lives like a melody never heard

Not sure where I?m headed
Barely know where I?ve been
I wonder what this is all about
Is that a sin?

I?m not afraid of the questions
I?m afraid of the answers I might find
Everyday keeps slipping
Slipping at the steady rhythm of time

Shadows grow longer
I grow weary
Put my head on my pillow
She lies there near me

Moonlight is flowing
Like a river through Venetian blinds
I can feel her heart beating
Beating out the steady rhythm of time
Lyric Credits: Jim Bruno
Music Credits: Jim Bruno
Producer Credits: Jeff Hanson
Publisher Credits: Jimmy Bruno Music
Song Length: 4:09
Primary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Secondary Genre: -
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